„Russia and China” Michała Lubiny w wolnym dostępie / „Russia and China” by Michał Lubina in open access


Z przyjemnością informujemy, że „Russia and China. A Political Marriage of Convenience” Michała Lubiny jest już dostępna za darmo / We are pleased to inform that Michał Lubina’s book „Russia and China. A Political Marriage of Convenience” is now available in open access

Książkę w formacie pdf można od teraz ściągnąć tutaj: https://bit.ly/31HmmMZ lub tutaj:https://bit.ly/39Kv8Mv

The book can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/31HmmMZ or here: https://bit.ly/39Kv8Mv

„Russia and China. A Political Marriage of Convenience” Michała Lubiny to anglojęzyczny debiut tego autora i kontynuacja jego cieszącej się sporą popularnością książki „Niedźwiedź w cieniu smoka”. To  pozycja obowiązkowa dla każdego zainteresowanego tematyką relacji rosyjsko-chińskich.

Fragmenty recenzji „Russia and China” Michała Lubiny / Excerpts from reviews of Michał Lubina’s „Russia and China”

Lubina’s book is the most important work on Russia-China relations since Bobo Lo’s 2008 „Axis of Convenience,” and is more balanced, more comprehensive, and of course more up to date than that earlier work (…) Lubina’s Russia and China is at its best in its detailed case studies of pipeline politics, military relations, the Russian Far East, and especially Central Asia (…) „Russia and China” is provocative, well-researched, and ultimately persuasive.  In a world full of „indispensable” books, this one truly earns the label.  Anyone with an interest in understanding Russia-China relations, especially as seen from the Russian side, should read this book. The level of detail is truly astonishing

Professor Salvatore Babones, University of Sydney, Asian Journal of Social Science, Vol. 47 (2019), Issue 1 (Mar 2019)

The book displays exhaustive scholarship (…) and describes the policies, personalities, and issues that have shaped this complicated relationship (…) It provides a detailed description of Russian-Chinese relations with consistent attention to asymmetrical results

Professor Paul Bolt, the United States Air Force Academy, China Review International, Vol. 24, No. 4, 2017

This book shines a useful light on the bilateral relationship between contemporary China and Russia. (It provides) Michal Lubina the opportunity to work systematically through the breadth, history and subtle dynamics of this distinctive relationship (…)The book provides useful comparisons in terms of national style and inclination (…)In the final analysis this is a very strong and worthwhile analysis of a very important geopolitical relationship

Dr. Gregory V. Raymond, Research Fellow at Australian National University, New Books Asia 2017

This book by Michał Lubina (Poland’s leading expert on Asia and, at the age of 35, an author of six books) is the most comprehensive examination of the relations between these two very important and powerful global players I have ever read. Drawing from literature in the English, Russian, Chinese and Polish languages and adding his extensive experience as a visiting scholar in Russia and China, and a frequent visitor to the region, Lubina has succeeded in painting a full picture of Russia – China relations

Dr. Andrzej Bolesta, UN ESCAP, Asian Affairs, Vol. 50, issue 1, 2019

Lubina’s book is a comprehensive and well-balanced account of Sino-Russian relations(…) (it) is a very decent academic work

Dr hab. Tomasz Kamiński, UŁ, Europe Asia Studies vol. 70, no. 9, 2018

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